Do you know Gold is a valuable investment apart from being luxury jewelry wear? The answer is yes because people invest in Gold to protect their savings in a growing business.

The price of gold keeps fluctuating and the fluctuation most of the time is in the direction of soaring prices. However, the Gold Price In Pakistan is affected by a complex interplay of forces. 

If you are looking for reasons to understand the factors that affect gold prices, this article is for you. It is a comprehensive guide that equips you with the possible factors that play a significant role in raising the price of Gold. So, before it gets out of context and you lose interest here are reasons.

Unstable Economy

One of the major factors that affects the price of Gold is the economy. If it is getting low, or performing badly, the Gold Price starts hitting the higher figures. The reason behind this insecurity of the people is that they start protecting gold assets for bad times. 

However, if the economy is performing well, and everything is on a smooth track the Gold prices get low. They get more sales, and when the sales are higher, the prices get low to benefit people by buying more gold investments to cherish the good times with valuable investments.

Supply and Demand

The value of gold majorly depends upon its supply and demand. If the supply does not exceed the demand, the prices would be under the budget or comparatively low. Whereas, if the demand exceeds the supply, the prices get a bit higher.

In this case, people avoid purchasing gold and eventually, the sales body achieves their balance by restricting customers with higher price tags. However, the supply and demand of gold depends upon the gold mine industries, recycling companies, and other processing platforms that play a major role in the formation of Gold.

If the supply and demand are balancing each other, the prices are under budget and the pricing graphs follow a steady line and Gold Rate In Pakistan is stabilized. 

Gold Sellers:

One thing that might not come to anybody’s mind but plays a huge role in the gold rate hike is the sellers. Yes, you read that right. The sellers when they see the demand is increasing each day start to sell the gold according to the prices they want to sell it at.

It is okay to keep a margin when you are selling something because how else will you make money? But keeping the margin so high that it changes the Gold Price In Pakistan is unfair. So yes, it may not look like an evident thing but it is also a significant cause of high rates of gold in Pakistan.

Rupee Value Depreciation:

It is a known fact that everything in the world is selling according to the prices of dollars. It is exactly how all the economies are running. Gold, just like any other thing, is priced according to the dollar all around the globe. 

Whereas, the value of the rupee against gold is going down the drain too. The rupee is depreciating every single day due to various reasons in Pakistan including political instability. This is exactly why we are seeing an extreme surge in gold pricing in Pakistan.


We are seeing that in Pakistan, inflation is reaching heights that it has never reached before. Everything is almost triple the price compared to how it was a few years ago. When inflation increases in any country it becomes obvious that the value of currency decreases just as we have mentioned above.

When the value of currency starts decreasing people try to find ways through which they can safeguard their money. And what do you think is the best way to save your money other than buying gold? The price of gold rarely goes down, and that is why it is known to be one of the major ways people try to save their money. This in turn contributes to the increase in the price of gold. 

In Summary:

These are all the factors that contribute to increasing the Gold Price In Pakistan. If all the people do not think of only themselves then we can anyway safeguard our money and investments.